Tokamak Network integrating other Ethereum layer 2 solutions on its on-demand platform

Tokamak Network is on a mission to aggregate the layer 2 solutions in the market under one on-demand platform. This will allow organizations that are willing to adopt blockchain technology to easily build Ethereum-based Dapps by passing the current lengthy and costly process.

The Tokamak team understands that they cannot achieve this mission alone. As such, the network is focused on collaborations and partnerships that will allow developers, projects and organizations to access all alternative layer 2 solutions easily and conveniently.

Tokamak Network partnerships

One of the major partnerships that Tokamak has entered into is with the Ethereum Foundation under Vitalik Buterin. The foundation provides both financial and non-financial support to projects and entities within the Ethereum community to accelerate growth of the ecosystem. The partnership and grant is a result of the recognition given to Onther.Inc, the company behind Tokamak for their innovation in creating a Plasma EVM scalability solution.

Another partnership is with MakerDAO that aims to improve the blockchain environment by enabling people to use the Dai stablecoin more freely. The partnership also allows MKR users to make use of Stamina, the delegating fee system of Tokamak, to send transactions without incurring any fees.

Tokamak and Matic have also partnered to achieve scalability and privacy using Plasma. This is made possible by adopting Zk-ERC20 into Tokamak to help provide better experience and privacy for users. Matic and Tokamak are sharing their technical experience on their applications to further the development of their respective layer 2 solutions.

Tokamak has also partnered with Meter to bring eMTR to the Tokamak Network. The partnership allows these two platforms to jointly research integrating Meter’s side chain on Tokamak’s aggregation platform and also develop Ethereum side chains. This will help to speed up the layer 2 platform Ethereum and Tokamak are pursuing.

Tokamak’s Main Proposition

The Tokamak Network is a plasma platform that bears the same components, properties, and functionality as the Ethereum main chain thus supporting a high level of scalability and extendability. New applications can be built on Tokamak plasma chains as they resemble the Ethereum main chain.

The on-demand platform has been created to allow different projects and teams to come together to work towards a common goal of improving Ethereum readiness for its widespread adoption as opposed to working against each other.

With the limitations of the Ethereum platform exposed due to the increased number of on-chain activity, there have been many solutions such as plasma, state channels, side chains and rollups created to solve different challenges of the network. However, some of the solutions are competing against each other, which could be detrimental to the community and can adversely affect development.

Developers are faced with a dilemma on selecting the right layer 2 protocol on which to build their applications. Each of the available protocols in the market has their own strengths and value propositions that are unique to the rest. Tokamak layer 2 aggregator eliminates such challenges by incorporating all layer 2 protocols onto a single network. Users can access all the benefits of the different solutions without incurring excessive costs, time, effort, and resources currently required to build Dapps on each of the available layer 2 networks.

TON Price Action

The price of TON has been between $2.30 and $3.17 since November, 2020. The highest price of $3.17 was achieved on Dec. 7, and the coin has since fell below the $3.0 mark, closing at $2.98 on the same day. The price is currently at $2.75 on CoinMarketCap.

Based on multiple fundamentals, TON seems to be quite underrated in the market currently. As the only platform that includes plasma rollup that boosts interoperability, functionality, scalability, and usability, its demand in the market and usability are very high as compared to many other products with a higher market value.

Tokamak’s mission is to bring together various services from Dapp projects onto the Ethereum infrastructure by providing solutions that accelerate the network’s mass adoption. Therefore, developers and organizations get more value by using Tokamak as opposed to other solutions in the market focused on reducing Ethereum scalability issues.

For this reason, Tokamak has the potential to grow and increase its market value exponentially, and rank higher in the market. It also has the potential to have more publicity as compared to its current exposure, attracting more users and increasing the trade volumes.

DAO Governance

Tokamak Network will run as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This will make sure it is transparent, and controlled by the users such that all services and products are easily accessible.

DAOs were invented to eliminate human error or manipulation of funds by putting decision-making power in the hands of automated systems and a crowdsourced process. DAOs allow investors to send money from any place across the globe anonymously and they receive tokens that give them voting rights.

The governance of Tokamak Network as a DAO will ensure there is not a single individual or group of individuals controlling all the affairs of the organization. Developers, miners, and individual token holders all have rights to decision making at Tokamak. DAO governance is based on consensus by all eligible contributors, with some teams encouraging airdrops to increase the number of contributors and improve on diversity of the community. Tokamak airdropped 1.50 MTON tokens which were available to the first 1,000 participants only. Through such practices, it is possible for unbiased consensus, and passing of best decisions for the community.




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